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Want if one text could make him all yours?
"She Sent Me One Text... 
And It Won My Heart!"
(Watch below to find out what it was)
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Is The Guy Asking You Out?
Or Are You Sitting In Endless Text Conversations 'Hoping?'
Let me ask you an honest question.

Are you consistently...

Spending far too much time pointlessly messaging men, hoping they will ask you out?

Having one sided text conversations where you put in ALL the effort with guys you like, while the guys you're NOT interested in won't stop harassing you?

Finding your dating life has all the momentum of a weighed down tortoise?

Far too many women come to me with exactly these problems. 

These women have no idea that the way they're texting is unknowingly sabotaging their dating life.

And, that with a little magic, they could turn all of this around.

Imagine if there was a simple text or text(s) that could work like magic, inspiring the guy to take action and ask you out.

Meanwhile, time-wasting guys head off to bother someone else.

Not only that.

Imagine if, following up from that, you had such confidence on the phone and on first dates, that men, from both online and real life, were pushing past each other to get a second and third date with you.
How Much Time Are You Spending Texting The Wrong Men?
Like, really? How much?  

Are You OK For That To Continue?
BAM. He ghosts. You never hear from him again after things looked so promising.

You waste a whole bunch more of your time...

You've gotta try, right? Meet a decent guy. Chat to him for six weeks. Then found out he has a girlfriend!

Does any of this sound familiar?


I know this... because I've been on the recieving end!

Once I had built my confidence and women started to see me as a high value guy, I noticed I was getting a lot of texts from different women...


I'm not kidding. Three quarters of women I completely lost interest in... just because of how badly boring their texts were!

That might sound odd, but all the excitment I previously had to spend more time with them disappeared because they were making these terrible texting mistakes, over and over again. It killed my interest - fast.
Yet, every now and then, I'd come across a woman (like Annie) who was a sensational texter!
In fact, there was a single text message that set her apart.
Once I'd made her my girlfriend, I looked back and realised what a profound effect this one text had made on my impression of her!
Then, when I thought about it more, I realised Annie texting ability went even further. I started to notice that every. Single. Message. Annie sent had an incredible vibe to it, and I noticed I was not the only man that was noticing!
(I had to work super hard to keep her!)
Then I Realised Annie's Texting Secret...
I figured out every text I got from her had three incredibliy attractive components....

First, there were three 'commandments' Annie always followed when writing a text. Every. Single. Text. She followed these three rules.

Second, she had a trick to communicate emotions perfectly to convey her meaning and avoid all classic text misunderstandings...

Finally, she avoided all the 12 big texting mistakes most women make...

And so I started to pass these secrets onto my clients...

They started to have the same success. Men were loving recieving texts like these, and my clients started having tons of success with great guys calling and asking them out on dates!

Now, I'm on a mission to help you in the same way!
"I Wanted A Partner... 
Then She Texted Me This!"
The Text Message I've NEVER Forgotten
I remember finally getting into the position in my life where I felt confident. Where I wanted a relationship. Where I was 'that' guy women were into, and I finally had choice of the right woman to share my life with me.

I started meeting and dating different women, looking for the right one...

Then, I'd on dates, and I'd keep finding after the date that the texting exchanges would bore me, and I'd lose interest.

Some were too serious. Some were too boring. Some didn't seem confident.

Then, I met Annie... and the truth is, we went home together. It was only supposed to be a one night stand. 

When she left the next morning, and started chatting via text, I noticed something interesting. 

I was more and more excited to see her each time we texted.

The way she showed confidence, social intelligence, emotion and value over text was something I'd never encountered before. 

I felt like I was getting a window into the incredible experience I'd get seeing her again - and I wanted it.

Soon, I was taking her on a first date. Then another, and another. I was pulling out all the stops to impress a woman I'd already slept with.

Then, she sent me one text that shifted everything. At that moment, I knew I wanted her as my girlfriend.

I was at the gym, and recieved an odd text from her. It read "Heyyy. So Mark just sent me this. What does he mean here?!? What do I respond?!?!?! Gahhhhhhh seyuooyuoegseoug I have no idea what to dooo xox" with a screenshot of the text I'd just sent her!!

What on earth?

Yep. She had accidentally texted me (instead of her friend) a screenshot of my own text... asking what to reply to it!!!

(I don't think a more embarressing text scenario exists)

That was when Annie truly pulled out her Messaging Magic.

A few minutes later, before I'd had the chance to respond, she sent a follow up text.

And to this day, seven years later, I've never forgotten that text.

I burst out laughing, and through what she'd written, Annie had turned the most embarressing text situation possible to make me fall even harder for her.

That was when I knew I was falling for this girl.

As I continued to date her and eventually make her my partner, I started thinking about that one text I couldn't forget, and how the simplest, silly message had demonstrated her value so impressively.

The truth is. It wasn't what she wrote. Even if I told you exactly what it was, it would be no use to you. You cannot take her text and use it word for word.

The reason I fell so deeply for Annie was because she had a magic way of texting that she could mould to any scenario.

You could literally throw any situation at Annie and she'd have a text that could make her seem playful and attractive in response.

There were no misunderstandings. No essays. No conversations over text that should have been done in person. Annie was the perfect texter. It's the reason she got a date which led her to becoming my girlfriend.

And that's what I want for you.

Even once me and Annie were together, I'd see the way she'd text and get constant attention from men. Every one of her male friends thought they had a chance with her, simply because of the way she followed the three commandments. She was practically batting guys off with a stick!

Seeing this over and over again was when I knew I had to share what I'd learned - Messaging Magic - with the world. I'm passionate about you have an amazing relationship with a guy, and I know that great texting an essential step to you doing that.
Mark Rosenfeld
Growing up, I didn't know what confidence was, or what it looked like.

It wasn't until I mastered my confidence, learned about women and understood how to date in the modern era that my romantic life radically changed.

After coaching men in 2014, I transitioned to coaching women, and discovered that many women were accidentally pushing great men away without even knowing it. Now, I help women avoid these mistakes and represent their best selves to attract an empowering relationship to their life.

I've since had the fortune of becoming Australia's most followed dating and relationship coach, with more than 30,000,000 views online and almost 300,000 subscribers.
As Seen On...
Imagine Having All The Best Men Chasing YOU For A Date
Let's be honest. Quality men these days are getting rarer, and most women know it. More and more women are after the small proportion of emotionally healthy, balanced, monogamy focused guys and you need a way to stand out.

Imagine sitting there, 30 days from now, and your phone lights up. This is from Brad, a gorgeous guy you met online that you've been on one date with. You see the notification and it reads "Hey you, when do I get to take you out again?? x"

Now imagine knowing you don't even need to respond now. You're so relaxed because he's the third great guy that's texting you that day wanting to take you out. You know the guys will respond straight away because they love recieving texts from you, so there's no rush. Besides, you can get great guys to want to take you out anytime, and your favourite guy has already booked in to call you tonight!

You think back to how you used to spend so much time on dating app's, texting dead end guy who wasted your time. You breathe a sigh of relief realsing that is well and truly a thing of the past.

Instead, you're in total abundance, sending the perfect texts to men exactly you need them. Your texts are playful, chatty and have men only wanting more. You don't even have to think about it! It just flows with complete ease. 

The best part is, you've got the skills and confidence beyond that. All of the guys you've been on the last six dates with have wanted a second date, and using your body language and flirting confidence, you know that's not likely to change any time soon.

The only question you have left to ask is... "Which of these great guys will I decide to commit too?"

Imagine how good it would feel, having created all of this, while being a kind of 'anti-magnet' for all the wrong guys who used to waste your time.

Imagine the money you'll save, no longer having to fork out for expensive dating app's, speed dating nights or matchmakers.

Imagine being able to create this outcome without having to be rejected by great guys again.
Imagine if the secrets to messaging magic - Having all the tools to craft the perfect text - Were waiting for you right now...
That's Why I created...
Messaging Magic
The Untold Secrets Of The Modern Love Language
In it, you're going to get...
  • Messaging Magic - The Untold Secrets Of The Modern Love Language 108 page comprehensive report on everything you'll ever need to know 
  • Messaging Magic - Platinum Secrets Series Never before seen video course with 30+ modules 
  • Sexting Seductress - The Classy Way To Make Him Crave You Comprehensive 7 part course reveals how to make a man crave you sexually without ever sending a naked photo. Includes 101 powerful words to use in sexting and sexy sexting scenarios to make him fantasize!
This Offer Ends In:
Here's What Included...
Messaging Magic
- The Untold Secrets Of The Modern Love Language
90-page PDF reveals every texting secret to make him want to call you and ask you out via message!
  • ​The Three Commandments Of Dating And Relationship Texting - Break Them At Your Own Risk!
  • ​Texting Blunders - The 12 Texting Blunders You Must Avoid
  • ​How To Make Incredible Impact With Emoji's
  • ​The Ultimate Guide To Timing Your Texts
  • How To Make Him Text You Each Day
  • ​The Six Secrets Of Handling Your Breakup
  • 20 ​Specific Answers For Every Text Scenario
  • A Simple Test To Know If You've Created A Winner Or A Bomb
  • Much, much more!
Bad and boring texting will lose the guy before you've had a chance to showcase your real personality. Don't let this happen to you! Avoid the mistakes most women make and learn the Messaging Magic!
Messaging Magic
- Platinum Secrets Series
Over 30 detailed modules where you can watch my screen and hear EXACTLY what to do using REAL examples from REAL men
  • Hear My Voice In Every Episode - I'm There As Your One On One Texting Coach!
  • How To Tell If A Guy Like You Over Text​
  • ​How To Show Your Standards Over Text
  • ​When He Sends A Confusing Message About Your Relationship Future
  • ​How To Recover From Texting Mistakes
  • ​How To Spot A Fuckboy Over Text
  • What To Do When Your Ex Texts You Out Of Nowhere
  • ​Signs He's Emotionally Unavailable (that you can spot through text)
  • ​Being Added To Constantly With New Magic And Videos
If you to feel what it feel like to have me as your personal texting coach - the platinum secrets series is exactly what you need. I've screen recorded powerful example of every situation imaginable so you can see exactly what I would say to you if you were my one on one client!
Sexting Seductress
- The Classy Way To Make Him Crave You
Seven Lessons and Two PDF Guides revealing how to make him think obsessively about having you naked...
  • How To Make A Man Crave You Sexually Without Sending A Single Picture.​
  • ​The Seven Steps To Crafting An Alluring Sext - Even If You've Never Done It Before
  • ​The Key Thing You Must Do To Ensure He Never Sees You As A Booty Call
  • Three Rules For How To Sext A Guy (and how often) Based On How Well You Know Him
  • ​The Do's And Dont's Of Sexting To Create Desire Without Lower Your Value In His Eyes
  • ​BONUS: Superb Sexting Scenario's - Report gives you mild to irresistable sexting fantasies for you to write about!
  • BONUS: 101 Sensational Sexting Words - Report Gives 100+ words specifically chosen words to ramp up the heat and create irresistable attraction!
  • ​Much, much more
Sexting done right can be a wonderful, erotic experience that means he both respects you and obsesses over you. Sexting done wrong (the way most women do it) means he sees you as a booty call and and will quickly lose respect and interest. Which will you be?
Here's what others had to say about
Messaging Magic...
"I tried a text out from your guide and he was a lot more responsive and didn’t stonewall at all.  We were able to share vulnerabilities when we met up face to face and he’s opened up to me about other issues and making tangible steps to help his recovery which is great.
Your advice really struck a note with me and I still have a lot of thinking to do but it has been a really significant turning point and for the first time since the exciting beginning stage he’s really stepped up, bringing me flowers and helping, making that effort again. 

I cannot believe the turnaround just from realising the way I approached him initially was only making him feel like he’s not up to scratch as a boyfriend... I’ve decided to drop the social media issue for the time being as it’s more important to help build him up again. 

Thank you so much!! 

Charlene, Nebraska
And, on this page only, you're going to get all these FREE exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Feminine Phone Secrets - Audio
Feminine Phone Secrets - Audio + eBook
Ok - so you got the guy craving you over text... now what happens when he's so into you that... unexpectedly, your phone starts ringing... and it's him calling.

Do you know what to say, and what to do, next?

Or, do you ignore the call, and have him think you're disinterested?

Imagine being able to talk to the guy you like so easily that charisma flows from you the moment you pick up the phone to him.

Feminine Phone Secrets is what I created to allow you to do exactly that. To build massive attraction in real time - on the phone - when most other women are too scared and losing his respect and attraction.
Use Your Eyes To Mesmerise - Audio
Use Your Eyes To Mesmerise - Audio + Report
Getting the guy obsessed with you over text and phone is one thing...

But what if you could have him mesmerised simply by looking at you!

A woman who knows how to use her eyes has infinite power over men. She can have men come to her, men bow to her, men pleasure her and men fight for her.

But only if you know the secrets to using every woman's most seductive weapon!

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and when you have the confidence and technique to give men this glimpse of your soul, the results in your love and romantic life will be nothing short of mesmerising.

In this report and audio, I go deep into how to use your eyes to do everything from get the guy to approach you, to have him unable to stop thinking about you.

I even provide practical exercises to improve your eye contact, that ensure whether you're a beginner or eye-contact expert, you can master this foundational life skill that will touch every area of your happiness.
Her Feminine Form - Audio + Ebook
Her Feminine Form - Audio + eBook
Imagine if you - using the secrets of feminine body language communication - you could have the man you wanted obsessed with you without uttering a word.

From you lips to your legs, this book takes you through every piece of non-verbal communication men find irresistable, ready to use on the man you want.

In this soon to be released brand new eBook - Her Feminine Form - you'll learn all the secrets being a radiant seductress and getting him infatuated with you using nothing but your body.

When To Sleep With A Guy - Audio
When To Sleep With Him - Audio + PDF
Many women come to me worried about a singular question. The guy is into them now... but they haven't slept with him yet. They ask...

"When can I sleep with the guy while ensuring I never lose his respect - and that he sees me as girlfriend material?"

It's an essential question, because you will lose a man's respect and have him see you as 'booty call material' if you get this wrong.

That's why, in this powerful audio and accompanying quick reference guide, I explain the way you must think about this question, and give you a clear answer, to ensure you never lose his respect.
Deaf Monkey Dating - Audio
Deaf Monkey Dating - Love Your Journey To Love Audio
For many women who come for coaching, dating has become a means to an end. They don't enjoy it, don't like it, and are excited to get away from dating as quickly as possible!

Yet, I know a secret.

If I can get them enjoying the process, I can guarantee they will meet Mr. Right!

It's that simple!

Just like if you enjoy going to the gym, you end up fit, if you enjoy the process of dating, you'll end up with a great romantic life before you know it.

That's why, in my audio 'Deaf Monkey Dating - How To Love Your Journey To Love' I share the surprising hack that instantly allows you to turn your painful and frustrating journey towards love into a love of fun and laughter - to ensure you're on your way to Mr. Right.
Here's what others had to say about
Messaging Magic Suite...
"I knew the Empowerment Academy was coming before it was announced. Knowing Mark as a coach, that decision was a no-brainer. Seriously, Mark is an amazing coach, I owe him a lot! - Manon, Montreal
I already love the academy!!! Money well spent. I love that you give helpful exercises. So excited  to grow as a person!! - Jewel, New York
With the Messaging Magic Suite + 7 Bonuses, you'll be able to...
  • ​Have complete confidence in each and every text you send, knowing that it's bringing the right guy closer.
  • ​Have total clarity when a man sends you a confusing or ambiguous text.
  • ​Represent the most attractive you over text more effectively than any other women he's chatting you - so he only has eyes for you!
  • ​Sext him in a classy way that makes him obsess over you.
  • ​Have total confidence in talking on the phone and getting him to call you - meaning you have a deeper connection built with him.
  • Never have a bad date you don't enjoy ever again.
  • ​Know exactly when to sleep with him to always keep his respect
  • ​Know how to use body language to flirt and charm him without uttering a word.
  • Spend Less Time Texting Him, And More Time In His Loving Arms
This Offer Is Limited To 47
(most are Already gone)
Buy Now Or Miss Out!
This Offer Ends In:
Total 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Seriously. If you don't think it's valuable, I'll refund your money and you can keep everything.
Here's what others had to say about
Mark Rosenfeld...
“Mark is an excellent coach that goes well beyond just ‘love advice’. Mark’s targeted insight on human relationships, text interaction and how to obtain and how to give mutual respect was the key to smoothing over the problems I had with this person and I have successfully steered the relationship in the right direction now and its all thanks to Mark’s practical solutions and advice.
- Jo. New York
- Jo
"Knowing what this program can and has done for me, I would recommend Mark to any woman who is serious about wanting to discover your own potential and uncover your own inner strength so that you can truly shine from within.”
- Paula
“When I came to Mark I was in a very bad place. Now I feel confident about who I am and am not afraid to call someone out when they step on my boundary. I've met a great guy that I didn't expect to click with and things are going along great so far!"
- Annie
"Mark was the best thing that ever happened to me. Mark helped me to deal with my insecurities and keep me onto top of my goals without accepting my excuses. As a result... I have become a more focused and positive person.”
- Jesh
So which will you be..?
The Woman Who Bores The Guy With Text?
Or The Woman Who Makes Him Obsessed With Irresistable Text And Phone Communicaton
Please realise the importance of this. Text as a form of communication isn't going anywhere. This is the reality of communication in 2020 and beyond. The Messaging Magic Suite includes all of my best content relating to conveying your value and worth to a man in the form of text and phone communication.

The truth is - the wrong text at the wrong time will cost you the guy. Don't make the simple texting mistakes most women are making at the  beginning that is costing them the man in the end.

Do you still need relationship skills? Absolutely. Do you need to represent your high value self from the the third date and beyond. Ofcourse! But none of that is going to happen if you don't get this first vital piece right. If you get texting wrong, you're tripping on the first hurdle before you've ever had a chance to get up speed.

Every relationship you have in your life starts with communication - and more and more communication is moving to text message. People who can communicate over text will increasingly have better in person relationships - because they'll prevent key misunderstandings, they'll build rapport over text, and they'll have their partner and friends excited to spend real, quality time with them.

Don't look back years from now wishing you'd learned this skill sooner. There is no risk. If for any reason this doesn't work for you, you can contact me personally and keep the bonuses.

I don't want you to waste more time. I really don't. If you pick up even one thing from the Messaging Magic Suite that shifts your confidence and communication with men to attract your future Mr. Right, I know this investment in yourself will have been more than worth it.

Come on board with the Messaging Magic suite now and make your romantic dreams a reality. If, for any reason you don't feel you got the value, I'll be happy to refund your investment, no questions asked.

If not me, hire someone else. Just make sure you invest in yourself. In the end, it's the only true investment that pays off.

- Mark x
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  • ​Messaging Magic ($97 Value)
  • ​Messaging Magic Platinum Secrets Series ($197 Value)
  • ​Classy Sexting Video Course ($97 Value)
  • Feminine Phone Secrets ($77 Value)
  • ​Use Your Eyes To Mesmerise ($67 Value)
  • ​Her Feminine Form ($77 Value)
  • When To Sleep With A Guy ($67 Value)
  • ​Deaf Monkey Dating ($67 Value)
Total Value: $746
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Much... Much Less than that!
Total Value: $746
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