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TRUTH: Bad and boring texting will lose the guy before you've had a chance to showcase your real personality. Don't let this happen to you! Avoid the mistakes most women make and create Messaging Magic!
Messaging Magic
- The Untold Secrets Of The Modern Love Language
90-page in-depth guide reveals every texting secret to make him want to call you and ask you out on a date!
  • ​The Three Commandments Of Dating And Relationship Texting - Break Them At Your Own Risk!
  • ​Texting Blunders - The 12 Texting Blunders You Must Avoid
  • ​How To Make Incredible Impact With Emoji's
  • ​The Ultimate Guide To Timing Your Texts
  • How To Make Him Text You Each Day
  • ​The Six Secrets Of Handling Your Breakup
  • 20 ​Specific Answers For Every Text Scenario
  • A Simple Test To Know If Your Text Will Ignite Attraction.. OR KILL IT!
  • Much, much more!
  • ​Usually $97... Today Only $17! (Save 82%)
" With your advice I met someone and am in a loving relationship, soon to be married. Thank you!!!" - Nicole
Text as a form of communication isn't going anywhere. This is the reality of communication in 2021 and beyond. Messaging Magic includes all of my best content relating to conveying your value and worth to a man in the form of text and phone communication.

The truth is - the wrong text at the wrong time will cost you the guy. Don't make the simple texting mistakes most women are making at the  beginning that is costing them the man in the end.

Do you still need relationship skills? Absolutely. Do you need to represent your high value self from the the third date and beyond. Ofcourse! But none of that is going to happen if you don't get this first vital piece right. If you get texting wrong, you're tripping on the first hurdle before you've ever had a chance to get up speed.

Every relationship you have in your life starts with communication - and more and more communication is moving to text message. People who can communicate over text will increasingly have better in person relationships - because they'll prevent key misunderstandings, they'll build rapport over text, and they'll have their partner and friends excited to spend real, quality time with them.

Don't look back years from now wishing you'd learned this skill sooner. There is no risk. If, within 30 days, this doesn't work for you, you can contact me personally and I will refund you.

I don't want you to waste more time. I really don't. If you pick up even one thing from the Messaging Magic that shifts your confidence and communication with men to attract your future Mr. Right, I know this investment in yourself will have been more than worth it.
Here Is Exactly What You Will Learn...
Chapter 1: The Three Commandments of Messaging Magic
Chapter 2 - How Men Text: Translating to 'Mantext'
Chapter 3 - Texting Blunders: The 12 'Don'ts' of Text
Chapter 4 - The Magic of Emojis
Chapter 5 - The Ultimate Guide to Timing Your Texts (Should You Text Him First? How Quickly Should You Text Him Back? What To Do if He's a Constant Slow Replier What To Do When He Doesn't Text Back).
Chapter 6 - How to Make Him Text You Each Day
Chapter 7 - How to Write Classy Sexts for Magnetic Attraction
Chapter 8 - Specific Text Responses for Every Scenario:
 - What to text him to get him to ask you out
 - How to respond to boring date ideas.
 - When he messages "Hi".
 - When you give the date a time limit, and he's not happy about it.
 - When he tells you to call HIM
 - When his date idea is his house'.
 - When he tries to get YOU to make all the plans
 - When the day of the confirmed date has come, but he hasn't confirmed a meeting
 - When he cancels a date with a fair warning for genuine reasons
 - When he cancels for dodgy reasons/without warning
 - When you have to cancel on him
 - When he is super sweet.
 - When you've pushed a super sweet guy away, and it's been too long since you've been in contact.
 - When he hits you up for nudes.
 - When he booty calls you.
 - When he sends you an unsolicited dick pic
 - When he sends you drunk texts
 - When you think he's misinterpreting or upset with you
 - When he's had a rough day
 - When he pulls away
 - When he asks you for another date and you're not interested
 - When he asks if you're seeing other men
 - When your old hookup messages and you're not interested
Chapter 9 - A Simple Test to know if you've created a Winner or a Bomb
This Is EVERYTHING You Could Ever Need To Win A Man's Heart With Text
" With your advice I met someone and am in a loving relationship, soon to be married. Thank you!!!" - Nicole
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust a male who gives advice to women?

I really know men better than they do - I used to be a MEN’S dating coach and work only with men. It was after a few years of this that I decided that I was better (and more desired as a coach) teaching women. Since making the shift I have worked with thousands of women over the years, getting each and every one of them amazing results in their lives. My content has been viewed over 50 MILLION times online, I am a best selling author, and have been featured on TV, the radio, and countless online events.

Why is this $17? Why not free?

I will always charge for my premium content because it separates the women who are actually willing to put the effort in and get the results they want, from the women who say they want something yet don’t do anything about it (then complain and wonder why they can’t attract high-quality men into their lives). I can easily sell this for 10x the price, but I want to make it as affordable as possible for those who are serious enough about their love life and happiness. Also, if you don’t like it, you ask my team for a refund and we refund you. There is no risk, only reward.

How much content is there?

There are tens of thousands of written words for you to get through. But I want to challenge you on this question. You never hear a school student asking their teacher how much homework they will be given in the year, do you? Quantity isn’t the point - quality is. The content is designed to get you results NOW, not in 2 years time when you finally finish getting through mountains of pages that waste your time.

Can’t I just watch your free videos online?

Of course. I have plenty of videos on my YouTube channel that cover texting, and they are all free. But I have never covered texting so in-depth before, so the small investment is well worth the hundreds of texting, seductive texting, phone call techniques, and relationship scenarios that you can navigate quickly, and with confidence. Think about it this way - If you’re texting a guy, but not sure what to say to a risky question that could make or break his attraction for you, would you rather have to scour through hours of internet videos or go to one easy to find lesson in Messaging Magic?

What happens after I purchase?

You will be emailed your login information to access your purchased content immediately. You will be texting men with your new found skills in less than 5 minutes.

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Use Your Eyes To Mesmerise - Audio
Her Feminine Form - Audio + Ebook
When To Sleep With A Guy - Audio
Deaf Monkey Dating - Audio
With the Messaging Magic Suite + 7 Bonuses, you'll be able to...
  • ​Have complete confidence in each and every text you send, knowing that it's bringing the right guy closer.
  • ​Have total clarity when a man sends you a confusing or ambiguous text.
  • ​Represent the most attractive you over text more effectively than any other women he's chatting you - so he only has eyes for you!
  • ​Sext him in a classy way that makes him obsess over you.
  • ​Have total confidence in talking on the phone and getting him to call you - meaning you have a deeper connection built with him.
  • Never have a bad date you don't enjoy ever again.
  • ​Know exactly when to sleep with him to always keep his respect
  • ​Know how to use body language to flirt and charm him without uttering a word.
  • Spend Less Time Texting Him, And More Time In His Loving Arms
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